Friday, March 4, 2016


It's been a loooooooong time!
About 3 years? Hah..

Well, it's quite sad to read my most "recent" post (way back to year 2013) were all depressed, moody, unhappy stuff.

Like wth is wrong with me last time? Just move on girl!
Lol. But of course, it's easy to be spoken, hard to make the action.

So, after 3 years... what's happening? or what had happened?

1. I'm currently blogging in my new office. This is my 2nd job, after Averis.
I've been working here for 3 months plus. How was it? Pros and cons.
- I do not have to OT as late as previous job (still can't escape OT from closing time thou, common thing)
- The pay is of course obviously higher and this is quite the main reason to make a change.
- I am being promoted to be a senior. BUT! What I'm doing seems not much different from previous. TL has high expectation on me and I'm feeling the pressure.
- New office is furtherrrr away from old one, which means, peanut butter strawbie jam!
- New environment, new people, new colleagues. Hmm, social skills needed.
- No more basement car park which means my white car has to be parked under the hot sun and heavy rain.. Ughh..

2. Hmm.. oh, I'm still not done with ACCA yet! Jeez. That's all.

3. I'm still with the BF which I kept nagging about 3 years ago.
Honestly, he has changed. A LOT!
He did not leave me alone at home anymore, he followed me to my family outings, he brought me out with his buddies, he cut down almost all his outings with those girl-friends etc etc.. (those that caused my jealousy)
Okay. Okay. I am still nagging thou. On other matters.
Well, this lights me up. Why am I still behaving so..
I cared more about attitude, responsibilities, etc now.
Can I claim myself to have grown matured? Idk..

Ok, blogging mood gone. Till next time. ;)

Sunday, December 15, 2013


From today onwards, as what the bf said, he will be letting me to go out with my friends, or colleagues, no matter in a gang or one-to-one, he wouldn't mind, wouldn't get jealous, and wouldn't behave like what he did last time.

Wow. I actually did not requested for this. I'm wondering did he really think open ady? Or he found a new gang to hang out, and so, in order to be fair, he's letting me to do the same? 

'I have a lot of friends outside, but you're the only girl whom I love from the bottom of my heart. Don't worry, I will not leave you.'

Oh well, we will see how our relationship will become. Probably more or less like his previous relationship? Gosh, such a mess. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

The fair game that you wanted.

The last time you mentioned that I'm ur everything. Not allowing me to hang out with my frens so often. Showing me all the hoo-haas. And now it's ur turn to hang out every Friday night and I'm the one staying at home? Such a fair game. And I couldn't nag to u. U're getting impatient on even small issues. I couldn't post in social network as well cos u could read them. Miserable..

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 3

I guess this is the longest period where we have fight. 

We did not text since I reached office this morning.

Maybe you rly start to lost interest on me.

I texted u so much ytd, but all ur reply was 'k, k, and k'. My heart felt soooo pain.

I understand a healthy rship needs contribution from both party, I just realized I'm not a good girl friend. 

I don't volunteer, i'm not caring, i'm not understanding, I wants full attention, I'm very attached, I expect everyone can read my mind and give me what I want, I don't nag, I don't voice out, I kept quite, I small gas, etc.... The list goes on for all the conditions of a bad gf..

But still, how can you, how could you...treat me so cold..? :(

Isit the end of us alr?

Sunday, March 31, 2013


Last weekend's feeling was kinda different from this weekend.

Attended class on Sat den went Starbucks n watch Zombie movie. First time ever there's this zombie movie with happy ending.
Sing k in the morning. Ate sooo much! Mainly food n salads. But the boys seem kinda bored. Sorry lo. I dont have amazing voice. I don't even can sing well ma.
Evening, tag along w baby boy to football on Sun. Im rly fine to follow along. Staying home is bored, esp when dad is ard.
Sometimes I wish to shift out. But cannot la the cost is high.
He said I was smiling all day and being active. I just love weekends :)

This weekend was pretty awesome too. Rach's farewell at Klang seafood, den 2nd round at Movida with Kelly's gang on Fri. Quite high when near to the end.
Sat, woke up early coz baby boy keep disturbing me. Very active again during bfast and attended class.

But later at night I found out he dlt conversations. And he saved lotsa pics of Kelly's fren. Yala shes cute. But need save to phone anot wor? Zzz

Moody all night. Haih.

I don't get why.
Not chatting much then why wanna dlt?
Chat too much den dlt also?

What's the reason behind?
How do you feel if ur partner is dlting conversations behind u?
Totally disappointed.
He did that not once, but twice, or maybe thrice?
I don't mind they chat, but why need to DELETE? Why? Why?

Oh, lunch at Seoul's BBQ was awesome too. And Hokkaido cake :) Yums. Gotta start dieting again tmr..

So I'm lying on bed now. Don't feel like doing anything. Not even candy crush. Waiting to fall asleep and start a new day tmr ba

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pre-wedding Dinner & Movie Night

Attended Yee Yew's sister pre-wedding dinner yesterday. Kinda regret to ask baby boy along cos he's so awkward and seemed a lil bored over there. I thought since he couldn't join me with the Milo gang that day then at least he can join my colleagues? Heh, don't care. I just want us to stick together.

Btw, Yee Yew's sis is so pretty and fair and small size!! Totally different from YY. Hahaha. I was so shocked when he introduced her to us. Wanna take a pic of her but we don't even know each other, so suan le ba..

Make it on time for movie that night! Went to Viva, no Wed promotion though. Should choose to go GSC.
The Witch Hunter, not bad, but kinda gross as theres lotsa blood scene and the transformation of the girl to witch.

I simply like how we spend time together even though sometimes things didn't went smooth as how we planned.

Ya, I'm just too sleepy doing my work so decided to post something. The boy went MIA again. Every, single, time in uni -___-

Thursday, January 24, 2013

1Averis Dinner

Awesome company dinner! The food was superb! Too bad I couldn't eat as much as last time but I did enjoy the lamb and salmon and of cos my fav desserts!

The committees even decorated our company's emptied 13th floor for the night! Such a great job!! Not forgetting there's this huge backdrop with lighting for photo shooting session! We are all crazy over it. Hehe.

And my colleagues was nice and friendly. Altho we are all from different team but we could mix well and I hope they won't leave the company so soon.

Ahh, and there's this lucky draw and quiz session. Had to admit that I really don't have the luck :( I missed out the chance twice!! Tsk tsk..

Overall, it's still very fun and enjoyable :D

So now I need to put more effort in my diet plan OTL

Blog over Twitter

Not sure why but recently I'm more into the mood of blogging instead of Tweeting or Fb. A more private place for me. At least, people who came in to check out and read my post are those who have the heart to read it.

Waiting baby boy to finish futsal now.

Wee wee holiday!
Spent my public holiday at home with him and both my sis. Since mum is busy with her work, I have to take over the responsibilities then. Not sure whether I'm lucky or unlucky, I do prefer to be lazy with my boy at home, but at the same time I need to take care and assist my youngest sis in her homework.

She made me realize that I can't take care a baby properly. I almost had high blood pressure teaching her primary homework.

Short update, but better than never? :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Girls problem

Heart to heart talk.

I'm super stressed with my body right now. I know, and ppl will start saying, 'Come on, if u need diet then I need jump down from building ady'. Things like that. No one believes I need a diet..

I've been trying hard to control my food intake since I started my working life. One thing I hate about being OL is getting fat and meaty, especially on lower body.

Yaya, the 'sexy ass'!

It's because I always always always sit and stick my butt on the chair, facing in the pc, 8 hours a day. Very less walking and exercise...

Thankfully I'm still maintaining my weight but parts of my body are getting flabby, and cellulites!! Oh gosh..

How to get rid of those fatty layers??

Now I'm hoping that my company will sign a new contract with any gym ASAP. I wanna get sweaty and work out!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

White lies vs Ugly truth

Do you prefer the white lies or ugly truth?

Everyone wants to know the truth, trying very hard to find out. But how many of the truth will lead to happiness? Most of it are hurtful ones.

Things will be better if you don't know anything, right? Living peacefully in my own world. Why do we wanna care so much about other person? It's really depend on how you wanna behave.

I'm stuck in between.

Of cos I would like to know the truth, but how if it ends up to be a bad one? Heart breaks, emo, arguments etc. Couldn't imagine how bad it will be..

In other words, I'm just another coward who is scared to know the truth.