Friday, March 4, 2016


It's been a loooooooong time!
About 3 years? Hah..

Well, it's quite sad to read my most "recent" post (way back to year 2013) were all depressed, moody, unhappy stuff.

Like wth is wrong with me last time? Just move on girl!
Lol. But of course, it's easy to be spoken, hard to make the action.

So, after 3 years... what's happening? or what had happened?

1. I'm currently blogging in my new office. This is my 2nd job, after Averis.
I've been working here for 3 months plus. How was it? Pros and cons.
- I do not have to OT as late as previous job (still can't escape OT from closing time thou, common thing)
- The pay is of course obviously higher and this is quite the main reason to make a change.
- I am being promoted to be a senior. BUT! What I'm doing seems not much different from previous. TL has high expectation on me and I'm feeling the pressure.
- New office is furtherrrr away from old one, which means, peanut butter strawbie jam!
- New environment, new people, new colleagues. Hmm, social skills needed.
- No more basement car park which means my white car has to be parked under the hot sun and heavy rain.. Ughh..

2. Hmm.. oh, I'm still not done with ACCA yet! Jeez. That's all.

3. I'm still with the BF which I kept nagging about 3 years ago.
Honestly, he has changed. A LOT!
He did not leave me alone at home anymore, he followed me to my family outings, he brought me out with his buddies, he cut down almost all his outings with those girl-friends etc etc.. (those that caused my jealousy)
Okay. Okay. I am still nagging thou. On other matters.
Well, this lights me up. Why am I still behaving so..
I cared more about attitude, responsibilities, etc now.
Can I claim myself to have grown matured? Idk..

Ok, blogging mood gone. Till next time. ;)

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